A rare photo of Verlen Kruger resting

Verlen Kruger passed away at 82 years of age on August 2, 2004, the same day this website went on line! Much like Marvin Creamer, Verlen Kruger was an amazing man who was more at home on water than on land. There is hardly a major waterway that Kruger didn't master. Back in the sixties, he and a friend,  paddled over 7,000 miles from Montreal to the Bering Sea. Their trip was filmed under the title, "Never Before - Never Again!" But this was just the beginning of Verlen's adventures! He paddled over 100,000 miles across two continents and accumulated no less than 11 world records during his lifetime! He holds both the all time longest journey ever made by canoe, at 28,043 miles, as well as the second longest, at 18,232 miles. A new book about his feats was recently published by his widow under the title: "All Things Are Possible."


Paddling the Amazon River

Glaciers of the Anartic

Rounding Cape Horn

Mastering the entire Colorado River...

...and the Mississippi

No challenge too great!

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