March 25, 2013

The website is being transferred to Rowan University! This will be my final posting on after filling the role of webmaster since 2004. As Marvin Creamer said at the conclusion of his voyage, "It has been a jolly romp!"

My own "Globestar Voyage" (with began when I discovered that, just twenty years after Marvin Creamer's triumphant return, few people knew anything about his circumnavigation without instruments. It was still virtually unknown in Europe until the German Yacht Magazine printed an article about the Globestar voyage in 2011.

Europe's largest sailing magazine, YACHT, ran a 6-page article about Creamer's voyage in its August, 2011 issue (#17/2011). This was the first many Europeans had heard about Marvin Creamer's circumnavigation without instruments. The Globe Star voyage article was followed by another 4-page spread on celestial navigation that also mentions Creamer's voyage.

The article prompted some well-known navigators to question the fact, suggesting that Yacht Magazine had possibly fallen for a hoax! One well-known German sailor had even written a book claiming to be the only person in history to cross an ocean without instruments. That was in 1992, eight years after Creamer's circum-navigation. Creamer had also crossed the Atlantic three times without instruments prior to his circumnavigation.

In 2004, I decided to do something about this knowledge deficit and created I am very pleased that Marvin Creamer is finally receiving due recognition and it is my pleasure to transfer to Rowan University. I am confident that future visitors to this site will be pleased with its professional appearance and new features including an interactive map of Creamer's voyage.

I call it the "Homecoming of" Marvin Creamer was born and raised in South Jersey. His home was Glassboro and his workplace the Geography Department of Rowan. The website is now where it belongs!

Scanning slides for this website during a visit with the Creamers in 2004

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